29 Link Building Search Queries to discover Guest Post opportunities

Earlier I posted link building queries for discovering site wide and homepage link prospecting and today I have come up with few more queries which will help you increase your link prospect list. Guest posts are a great way to build back links especially for bloggers and links within content pass on more editorial value to the linked to page. Guest Blogging is also a good way to build relationships with fellow bloggers which will further help in link building in the long run. So try the below search queries and build possibilities of getting more and more back links to your blog.

Industry Specific Keywords – ISK (examples: gold, cricket, Indian food)

  1. inurl:- “write for us” OR “write for me” + ISK
  2. “become a contributor” OR “contribute to this site” + ISK
  3. “Guest Article” + ISK
  4. “Become guest writer” ISK
  5. “Become guest blogger” ISK
  6. “submit a Blog Post” + ISK
  7. “submit Post” + ISK
  8. “Guest Blogging” + ISK
  9. inurl:- “join” + ISK
  10. inurl:- “join us” + ISK
  11. “add a blog post” + ISK
  12. “add post” + ISK
  13. “submit blog post” +ISK
  14. “submit post” +ISK
  15. “guest writer” + ISK
  16. inurl:guest-post + ISK
  17. “guest column” + ISK
  18. “Contribute to our site” + ISK
  19. “Become an author” + ISK
  20. “Submit an article” + ISK
  21. inurl:- category/guest +ISK
  22. “guest blog” + ISK
  23. “guest blogger” + ISK
  24. “guest article”+ ISK
  25. “become a contributor” + ISK
  26. “contribute to this site” OR “Contribute to our site” + ISK
  27. “guest column” + ISK
  28. “guest blogger wanted” + ISK
  29. “Guest bloggers wanted” + ISK

If you have any more search queries in your mind please share it with the choosyinfo.com community by shouting it out in the comments.

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